02 September 2021

Team Moon Bear wows the crowds at the 2021 Bearlympics

As anyone who has watched or seen the bears at our sanctuaries knows, they love to run, climb, wrestle and swim, all natural behaviours that bears display in the wild. So, to showcase these incredible displays of endurance, tenacity and strength, we present the ‘Bearlympics’!


27 August 2021

Education campaign launched following tragic death of Jill Robinson’s rescue dog

Since the tragic death of Jill Robinson’s companion dog, ToZhai, Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Team in China has launched a local education campaign in the village surrounding our Chengdu bear rescue centre in our ongoing mission to end the dog and cat meat trade.


17 August 2021

Five years after being rescued, has Cubby Leo found her sunshine?

In 2016, Animals Asia rescued a sun bear who had been caged in the dark for seven lonely, agonising years. Five years on, has Cubby Leo found her sunshine?


11 August 2021

Our Spice Girls settle into sanctuary life and pass health checks with flying colours

In June 2021 Animals Asia rescued the last four performing bears from Hanoi Central Circus. Today, the four ‘Spice Girls’ are adjusting to their new surroundings and are starting to learn to trust again.


07 July 2021

Caz, one of our most iconic bears, passes away at the age of 18

It is with deeply heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beautiful Caz. Today, we celebrate her life by remembering the absolute joy she brought to so many around the world.


25 June 2021

Animals Asia rescues the last three bile bears in Lang Son province

Animals Asia comes one step closer to ending bear bile farming in Vietnam as we rescue the last three bears in Lang Son province.


22 June 2021

101 bears home: Meet Smudge, the last bear to be born at Nanning bile farm

Smudge was the last bear to be born at Nanning bile farm. When we arrived in 2014 we found her alone in a cage, crying for her mum. Today, she is a confident, healthy bear. Let’s hear her incredible story.


16 June 2021

BREAKING: Animals Asia’s Spice of Life rescue brings four bears from circus to sanctuary

Animals Asia is thrilled to announce the arrival of four moon bears to our Vietnam sanctuary after being rescued from a circus in Hanoi. Their rescue marks the end of bear performances at the circus and is another step towards ending all wild animal performances in Vietnam.